Transport and logistics

  • we provide carriage of various goods by road transport;
  • support customers with up-to-date information about location of cargo;
  • cargo is covered by CMR insurance;
  • additional insurance could be arranged upon client’s request.

Regarding transport and logistics service please contact:; tel: +370 61121108;; tel: +370 61950144

Forwarding service

  • we organize transportation for various cargo;
  • match and coordinate customer’s and carrier’s needs.

Regarding Forwarding service please contact:; tel: +370 61121108;; tel: +370 61950144; tel: +370 60515152

Vehicle repair

We provide truck and other heavy vehicle repair services

Regarding vehicle repair please contact:; tel: +370 61121108

Vehicles for sale

Contacts:; tel: +370 61121108